Hawai‘i is the only state in the nation that is experiencing faster growth in church attendance than in its population, and yet the number of people who attend evangelical churches in Hawai‘i remains lower than eight percent. Hawai‘i needs more healthy churches led by well-trained, gospel-centered, reproducing leaders.

Antioch School Hawai‘i is helping to address this need. We are a partnership of local churches across the islands who have joined together to train and equip church leaders, pastors, and church planters. The Antioch training residency challenges students to grow not only in knowledge, but also in ministry skills and personal character in their local church context.  

We believe that local churches must reclaim their biblical duty to proactively train gospel-centered, reproducing leaders. So we’re building a rigorous church-based ministry training program here in the islands. We’re not innovating, rather rediscovering an apprenticeship approach to ministry training modeled after Paul’s personal investment in rising leaders like Timothy and Titus, whose progression can be seen in Scripture:

(2 Cor. 7:6) Titus is a friend who encourages Paul
(2 Cor 7:13) Titus is overwhelmed by the ministry of the Macedonians
(2 Cor. 8:6) Titus is a faithful worker carrying out the wishes of Paul
(2 Cor. 8:16-17) Titus develops heart for ministry and initiates ministry on his own
(2 Cor. 8:23,12:17) Titus is a proven minister
(Titus 1:4-5) Titus is sent to appoint elders & plant churches on Crete.

In our new residency program, students from our partner churches will meet together in training cohorts and individually with their pastoral mentor for focused, Christ-centered, Word-driven training. Each semester will have a different ministry focus (mission, church, preaching, or counseling), and the student will produce individualized projects under the supervision of their pastor-mentors to demonstrate ministry competency for each area.


Cohort Training


One-on-One Mentoring


Ministry Apprenticeship